What is conciliation?

Conciliation provides an opportunity to resolve the complaint by speaking openly and directly.  The process is flexible and will respond to the needs of you and the complainant.  You will be kept informed of the process by letter, phone or email.  The process is privileged and any information obtained during the process cannot be used as evidence in a court or tribunal.  The process can vary but will often involve a meeting with you and the complainant and the conciliator.

Complaints may be resolved in many ways.  Possible resolutions may be:

  • detailed explanation of what occurred
  • changes in policies or procedures
  • an apology or acknowledgement of the deficiency in practice
  • payment of a financial settlement (achieved through negotiation – the Commission has no powers to award a financial settlement.)

Generally if there is a financial settlement the complainant with will be required to sign a release that will prevent them from pursuing legal action.  If no release is signed, this complaints process does not prevent the complainant pursuing separate legal action.

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