Why your patient needs independent expert advice

It is important that your patient seeks independent legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that they:

  • are aware of all their potential superannuation entitlements and benefits
  • understand the process for accessing superannuation insurance  benefits
  • understand the avenues available and time limits applicable to them in the event that their claim is denied

Superannuation insurance  claims can be complex. The success of your patient’s claim will depend on the specific wording of their fund’s trust deed or insurance policy and the medical and other evidence available about their condition or incapacity.

An expert superannuation lawyer can assist your patient during the assessment process to ensure that your patient’s claim is assessed fairly and reasonably by the superannuation fund and its insurer and to maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome.

If your patient is already in a dispute with a superannuation fund or its insurer regarding their entitlements an expert lawyer can help them challenge the fund’s decision and, if necessary, take action in court on their behalf.